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P.A.C. works on reinstatement; refunds for summer shows underway

Published on: May 13, 2015


The Performing Arts Club of Sun City Center is working to resolve concerns raised by a recent audit of the entertainment group that has been bringing shows to South Shore for more than a decade.

The Sun City Center Community Association (CA)board suspended the club last week, auditors citing concerns over how the group documented spending and recorded board decisions. Auditors also recommended the club incorporate under Florida law.

“The P.A.C. Board of Directors is taking immediate steps to work with the CA board to alleviate the concerns that led to the suspension and is fully committed to continue working toward its mission of providing quality entertainment at a reasonable price and in a convenient venue for Sun City Center residents,” said P.A.C. in a statement Monday.
“None of the issues addressed involve theft of funds,” the statement added.

In addition to taking steps to address concerns over recording board decisions and documenting spending, “the CA auditors have expressed the view that P.A.C. should be incorporated under Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes; while there is some debate about whether incorporation is necessary, PAC is taking steps to comply with that recommendation by the CA.”

According to David Floyd, CA board president, once P.A.C. resolves these issues, “they can be reinstated as a club.”
Ticket payments for a handful of customers who had already purchased tickets for P.A.C.’s summer shows are in the process of being refunded, according to the group’s treasurer, Judy Brown.

“We have notified David Floyd of our resolve to address and correct the issues raised in the audit report in order to have our suspension lifted,” Brown said. “Estimating the time it will take is a little difficult because one of the auditor’s suggestions is that we need to be incorporated. We have started that process but do not know how long it will take.

“We are, however, actively working on the other issues so that once incorporation is achieved everything else will have been resolved to the satisfaction of the audit committee and the [CA] board so we can get back to what we love, which is providing quality entertainment to the community,” Brown concluded.