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Letter to the Editor: May 7, 2015

Published on: May 6, 2015

Dear Editor,

What a night, what an honor, what a thrill for the 30 guys of the Sun City Center Men’s Chorus to sing the National Anthem at the Rays game on April 23. We would like to thank the whole community of Sun City Center and Kings Point for their support of this wonderful experience.

First of all, we would like to thank the whole Rays organization and staff for their assistance, and, specifically, Darcy Calhoun and Nikki, along with their interns for asking us to sing. A special thank-you locally goes to Nicole Howell and Jeff Mahnke at Kings Point. Nicole assisted in the promotion of the event by advertising on the “Wheel,” and Jeff worked tirelessly trying to keep up with the demand for buses as the calls kep coming in. We appreciate all the media that wrote articles and the clubs that contacted their members to join the experience. A thanks to John Bowker’s eNEWS in getting the news out to the local area, and everyone who helped us sell tickets to send over 400 fans to the game in 6 buses.

You can’t explain the emotion within us as we [were] walking to the middle of the field with the announcer introducing us and our fans in sections 133 and 135 were cheering us on. You were heard! You all made this a very special event in the lives of a group of men that love to sing and make the community proud. Thank you.

The SCC Men’s Chorus