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Letters to the Editor April 3, 2014

Published on: April 3, 2014

Thank you, Sun City Center

Do we ever realize how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful town?

Where in the wide world would you get such a perfect place to spend the autumn of your years?

Every day we should thank our God for guiding us to this town.

Where in the world would you find so many volunteers willing to give their time and expertise in helping their neighbors? I am thinking of our Emergency Squad;  they work 24/7 and will be at your service within three minutes of your call.

I am thinking of the Security Patrol; they patrol our town morning and night, they make us feel safe in our homes.

What about the Computer Club?, In our older years, we can be slow to get to grips with all the new technology; just visit the club and they will enlighten you.

Our Camera Club: Most of us are used to old 35mm cameras, nowadays it’s all digital. One visit to this club will open a whole new world to you.

The food pantry at Our Lady of Guadalupe is there for those of us who need a little food.

Mary Petro Fund will help you if you can’t afford food or medicine.

Our Community Association members, all volunteers, are there to look after our interest.

We may not always agree with their decisions but they do their best, and we should be thankful for their unselfish serving our community.

There are so many organisations and volunteers willing to help their neighbors that a short letter like this is incapable of mentioning all of them. Suffice to say that we owe all of  them our heartfelt thanks.

One observation:  If we had to wait until we had enough money to get married, would we ever have gotten hitched?   If we had to wait until we had enough money to buy a home, would we ever [have] had a home?

Our town is in need of a theater which would do justice to all the talent we have amongst us. I am not suggesting that the CA should rush out and borrow money for the construction of a theater, I am proposing that we ask the CA to look at the options available  and investigate what we should do to get us a new theater.

If we have to borrow, so be it.  Remember getting married and our home?

Every day I thank God for my family, my friends and a special prayer for Sun City Center.

Paddy Cooney
Sun City Center


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article entitled “SCC Community Assn. has no authority over RVs, trucks in driveways.”

Many years ago, certainly prior to my arrival in 2004, most if not all of the neighborhoods in Sun City Center were part of a Homeowners Association. Now, however, most of the older neighborhoods on the north side of Pebble Beach Boulevard do not have HOAs.

If the CA has no authority over RVs, trucks, boats and trailers, etc., in driveways, it is curious that several acres off Del Webb Boulevard were set aside for storage of RVs, boats and boat trailers.

My assumption is, although I cannot be certain, that, at the time of this set-aside, the existing HOAs did not allow RVs, trucks, campers, boats or trailers in homeowners’ driveways. But once an HOA is dissolved, it is unlikely to be resurrected; and the previous restrictions are no longer enforceable in some areas, thus allowing homeowners to do whatever they like.
Furthermore, to some it would be foolish to spend $75 per year to park in the storage area when your own driveway is available!

Where has our collective pride in our streets and neighborhoods gone? We must find a way to bring it back.

In order to maintain the reputation of being the “gem” community that Sun City Center has been known as, we  must find a way to keep up the appearance standards for which we are famous. It is very sad that so many people I talk with this year feel the community is in rapid decline, and something needs to be done before there is no turning back.  Perhaps we have already passed that point. I hope not.

It is my feeling that the CA can ask for and be granted whatever authorities it wishes. The claim it cannot even establish any neighborhood standards seems to be a foolish position, given their control over and use of the community facilities. Sooner or later the clutter will begin to affect new arrivals, and pockets of urban blight will increase.

John B. Lyons
Sun City Center