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Letter to the Editor January 16, 2014

Published on: January 16, 2014

Dear Editor,

Many of us would like to know why the procedure changed for residents to pay their annual fee and receive their stickers for ID cards. I and my neighbors wonder.  My mother and her neighbors wonder.

In previous years, a resident could stop by the CA office at their convenience, pay the fee(s), and receive the sticker(s) for their IDs. Badda Bing – Badda Boom – Done.

This year residents are given two options.  One: mail a check to a lockbox account in Orlando (thus having to buy a stamp and, this year, buy an envelope and address it).  Two: make a special trip to the local BB&T. People who opted for the second were told to “wait at least two weeks before going to get their sticker.” WHAT?

How is this an improvement for residents?

Maybe I and everyone I know were just extremely lucky in the past — but we never encountered long wait times to be able to pay our fee and get our stickers. One stop, all done.

With my background in banking, I thought that perhaps the CA would make a lot of money on the float. But that doesn’t seem feasible.

It just seems that this new procedure is an inconvenience for Sun City Center residents. What will happen when someone goes to the CA office and is told they’ll have to return to get their sticker?  People are upset now already.

Leona Hilliard
Sun City Center